Ways To Track SEO Results Effectively

It is an important aspect and everyone knows that whatever activity we carry out there has to be a system to measure it to understand its success.

Similarly, in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) measurement of performance is vital to understand its success. People do mention that by keyword ranking we can get an idea about the traffic however, that undermines the role of the marketing team and does not give the true picture. The marketing team can explain that how organic search is essential and it can bring revenues to the organization.

As discussed one cannot base their findings on a single metric like keyword ranking. What one needs to do is track multiple metrics or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These are nothing but data which one can obtain from the website with the help of the either the basic Google Analytics or the more advanced KISSmetrics.

However, one needs to understand that these metrics that we are discussing about are indicators and not exact measurements.

Understanding the metrics

Let us look at a few indicators which can help us in tracking our SEO results effectively:

Using keywords ranking.
This is used to understand from where the traffic is coming. It is used to measure specific terms and can help in understanding if we are ahead of the competition or not. It is vital that the organization targets the right keywords. If the rank of the keywords is not high, then one needs to target the keywords less competitively. In due course of time the keywords need to improve. If that is not happening, then something is awry with the SEO plan.

Searching traffic organically.
One needs to find out how they are faring on search engines. It would bode well for organizations to track their search engine traffic per month and make the necessary changes to make sure that it is increasing. Another aspect that should be kept in mid is that this tracking should be done over a period of a couple of months for the simple reason that changes in seasons can affect search engine traffic.Tracking the average time spent on page.

Tracking the average time spent on page.
companies need to measure how much time are visitors spending when they land on their page. If the content is interesting they will spend more time. If not, then they will leave. Well, the ideal scenario for the company would be to achieve the in between scenario. The goal should be to satisfy as many readers as possible so it will help in increasing the rank of the page.

Keeping an eye one the visitors.
what one needs to understand is that once the visitor comes on the landing page then how often do they continue to read other contents on the site. To understand if the internal linking process if sound one should track pages per visitor. However, if the site or blog is new then the number will be relatively low and one should not feel disheartened by it. The number should be recorded along with the date. Ideally, this number should increase over time.

The number of visitors that keep on returning give an idea how appealing the content is. The content on your website must be of high quality, check your content on Edusson Help Guides. If the website has sub – par content, then visitors are not going to come back and you cannot add them to your E-mail list also which by the way is another way to get them back to visit. If visitors are not coming back it is a bad thing period. Returning visitors are the most valuable traffic that you have


In conclusion, one would want to say that SEO is a serious business and it would make sense to invest in it smartly. If done well it can bring in a lot of revenue for the organization so it should be monitored properly and one can monitor it using the above metrics and ascertain whether the results of SEO are effective or not.

This article was prepared by Edusson AU Community.

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