How To Market Your Small Business Via The World Wide Web

Marketing has and will forever have a huge role when it comes to business success. If a business cannot adapt quickly, it is bound to suffer. Expensive per-customer acquisition rates, high customer turnover numbers, and volatile sales data month over month are only few of the many effects that poor marketing strategy and execution can bring. Here’s how online marketing can help you and how to use it effectively to market your brand.

How Important is Online Marketing

74 percent of small businesses surveyed were found to have a website of which 56 percent have a responsive website design. These statistics are only the tip of the iceberg and just goes to show how important appropriate online marketing strategies and standards are to a business owner. In addition to these numbers, 32 percent of small business owners surveyed say that online marketing is powerful when it comes to attracting customers.

Marketing Your Business

Blog: Blogging is a great way to market your brand as it provides clients and investors with informative and unbiased content. People tend to respond more positively with content that does not feel too sales-ish. Try to blog at least twice per week to gain more traffic for your site from major search engines, such as Google and Bing.

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking websites can work wonders for your business if leveraged properly. According to experts, these platforms generate as much as double the marketing leads of traditional platforms, like trade shows and direct snail mail. When going into the social networking scene, choose a platform wherein majority of the user base fits your criteria for a customer.

Email Marketing: Another staple in the few key strategies for online marketing success, email messages can have a long-lasting impact for your brand. Integrate it with other marketing campaigns to maximize its potency. For instance, if you are hosting a Facebook-based contest, you can tap into your email subscription list to increase the number of participants in the said contest.

Webinars: Hosting free webinars are popular, especially for today’s generation of people. It’s a great tool for engaging with prospects and existing customers and, at the same time, increasing your leads. Make sure to provide genuine information that the user can act on afterwards. Luring them in just to market your brand will earn you a bad reputation among your customer base and industry.

Other Tips To Try Out

Polish all the aforementioned strategies above by continuously learning the craft. For instance, when it comes to owning a business website, update it regularly so that it can be easily accessed via mobile phone. Optimize the site for local searches as well. If your company only does business within the U.S., it doesn’t make sense for people in China or Brazil to see it from their search queries.


Billions of dollars are spent on digital advertising per year. As consumers and partners slowly transition to the World Wide Web for their product and service needs, companies must adapt accordingly to capitalize on the technological advantages offered by online marketing and to compete at the highest level possible.

Christopher S. is an avid blogger from Tulsa, Oklahoma who is passionate about encouraging safety in the Tulsa community while working with the Gorospe & Smith Tulsa Personal Injury Lawyer Firm.

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